Hi there, thanks for checking out my portfolio.

My name is Katrin.

I’m a Multimedia Designer and a Brand Designer but somehow I work in the film industry. I can do a lot of things.

My life story

My midlife-crisis has been about what to do with my life. Until now I’ve tried out everything that I find interesting, some things have failed and others have lead me to the path that I’m on now.

My life kind of begun when LHI (the Icelandic academy of arts) didn’t want me to be an actress, so I pursued Business in the University of Iceland (don’t really know what I was thinking) but soon after that I got accepted into an acting school in Copenhagen. Which I dropped out of, but hey, I learned a bunch about my self, and I have used this experience when working within the film industry (not as an actress though).

But somehow I ended up in Thailand training Mua Thai and thought to my self that I should apply for Multimedia Design. I got into the school, went back to my place in Copenhagen and have been doing cool stuff since then.

I like taking regular things and turning them into something spectacular. Creating worlds around concepts and bringing them to life via illustrations, storytelling and other outlets I can think of.

Having studied business gives me advantage in marketing and a strategic mind set, while the acting gives me empathy and nose for storytelling. Combine all this with Multimedia Design and we have magic. And it’ll only get better now that I’m graduated as a Brand Designer.

That’s life kids.